Picturing my own death is a very unique experience. I’ve always wanted to die doing either sonethibg I love or a calm peaceful death. For the purpose of this activity I decided to aim for a death doing what I love. I have a passion for cars. I love altering cars and testing them out to see how they perform. I would see myself dyung from a car crash; however, it would be hard to picture a car crash without involing in one. In my story I am working on my car and the safety to hold the hood open is not working properly. I disregard the possibilities of the hood falling on me since I put a block of wood to hold it open. When I was working on my car I did a sudden movement and dropped the block. The hood landed on the back of my neck, and died instantly. Doing this activity has reminded me that death could happen at any moment and we should appreciate every single moment in our lives


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